A developing social virus.

A social virus.



The most recent use of the word “virus” has been in conjunction with electronic computer dysfunctions even as we've become acquainted with the flu viruses and have developed a culture of anti-viral injections.


To do battle with an organic virus as we must, because it tends to become universal, we must recognize its features as a virus. It seems that many strains remain dormant in their activities until the proper moment.


Another curious feature of organic viruses is their constant tendency to change their characteristics, their ability to mutate in form and function.


I would like to take the analogy of the virus as a concept or tool to be used in our attempt to understand serious social dysfunctions that arise from time to time.


In short, this would mean that we must accept that societies are confronted with various “hidden social viruses.”  If we could identify them and understand their characteristics we could engage them with anti-viral activity.  However, they will not go away on their own so we can't leave them alone.


Today's civilization, a general term for all our present civilizations combined as one global civilization is confronted with what should be considered as a virus.


We cannot do battle with it in the sense of going to war. War is usually one society or nation against another and this virus does well under war conditions in the war areas as we can observe today.  It also consciously utilizes fear psychology as one of its tools.


The virus functions against all of us so that old techniques do not work as it uses those techniques and processes against the system itself.


The virus attacks all our processes and systems at their weakest points, in places where governments are weak or non-existent. It designs itself and redesigns itself so that it can fulfill its objectives and changes its form to improve its abilities.


It is constantly mutating. We've begun to recognize and we've begun to do battle with it in common ways, ways that do not function very well against viruses. We must learn to anticipate its ways.


This virus has the intellect to operate against the existing social system, against the global civilization which acts as its carrier. It utilizes and feeds on the social system to function against the system itself. It does this consciously and obeys no laws.


In order to deal with the virus, we must learn what brings into existence and the way it operates as a system so that we can disable its system and perhaps eventually remove the source of it existence.


We cannot designate places of war, for war is ineffective against it. The virus relocates and reforms itself in other place and spreads throughout the civilization at its weakest points, usually at points where people gather or are confined.


We must get at the virus itself by turning its own viral tendency against itself to begin with and eventually to exterminate it completely. Until we understand, what brings it to life and what sustains it, it will continue to grow, mutate and gradually destroy humanity, which appears to be its ultimate objective.


The analogy of the virus should help us understand what we are dealing with and perhaps will lead to finding ways for developing immediate anti-bodies while we eventually produce a social serum to do away with the sustainability of the virus itself.


The virus cannot be contained nor dealt with merely in spots where it appears. These areas are only where it rises to the surface to give itself public recognition and to give psychological evidence of its terrifying universality which helps sustain its energies.


We must apply our understanding of “organic viruses” to the understanding of this developing “socially international virus.”

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