More within our humanity.

Truth and humanity.

More within our humanity.


I started to visit him a number of years ago, enjoying the view of the lake from his point.


To me Shorewood has alway been the lake. It brought me here.


Now he appears older than me. He can not share the view of the lake as a common pleasure. But he knows it's there even though he has been blind most of his latter years. Now he was growing more and more deaf.


And becoming conscious of my presence through that hearing that he had left he said, “we can not look to our politicians nor our priests nor to the artist for truth. It is there within each of us and even though we can not alway see it, more within our humanity.”


He seemed content as he became conscious that I was able to view his lake and that I could hear his words. He was more assured as I took his hand, returning his pleasure as he pressed mine.


More within our humanity,” he said.

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