Democrat Districts Receive More Than Republican Districts From Stimulus Bill-No Surprise

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A news story came out recently that said that Democrat districts are receiving more in stimulus funds in Republican districts. The margin is almost 2 to one. I thought this was common knowledge. This is the entire design of the stimulus bill.

Soon after taking office, President Obama thought that the recession was at its worst. His only fear, was that the economy was going to begin recovering my summer. Therefore, in February, he urged the fast passage of the stimulus bill spending $787 billion of money that the United States did not have to spare. It was supposed to get the economy going again and keep unemployment under 8%. Well, we all know how that went.

But instead of spending the money now when we needed it most, it was designed to spend most of the money in 2010. That way, with the economy having recovered on its own, the money would keep flowing and make things look even better. That way, people would look at their Democrat representatives and senators and credit them with bringing this new found prosperity to our states and districts. We would reelect the Democrats. Those in Republican districts, who voted against the stimulus bill, would receive less in government grants and then the citizens would look at the Republicans seeing that they would not have brought this added prosperity to each of their districts, and elect Democrats to replace the Republicans. With this vision, we would no longer be polarized politically and we could all come together under one party rule. It would be a utopia.

It's becoming more apparent that $787 billion is meant to buy votes for Democrats in Congress. America was promised better. The stimulus bill having failed, Congress passed another trillion dollar bill that is filled with earmarks. Again, President Obama had promised to go line by line through the budget and through spending bills determining what is necessary and eliminating your marks. I guess everybody forgot about that. America was to join together and be one nation. Instead we are being polarized politically. It's becoming the norm that we can be prejudiced against people based on their political affiliations. Is that what Obama means by saying that we need to change our traditions and change our history? I didn't know we could change our history. We can change how we view things that have happened. Can we change our history? Sounds more like indoctrination and the rewrite of history.

2010 will be here soon. And again it will be a very political year. It's going to be a long march to November. Along with the governor's race in Wisconsin, the Congressional elections will be interpreted as a referendum on Obama. Midyear elections usually are a referendum on the midpoint of a presidency. Will America produce enough well-qualified candidates for office that are interested in helping the people of the nation and not furthering their own alter reader motives and agendas? America is not headed in the right direction. We need a new direction again. America needs a new course. America needs a return to prosperity. We did not get there in 2008 and we desperately needed in 2010. America needs to get back on course still before we are so far down the wrong road that it will be difficult to return to prosperity. This is the change we need.

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