It's Obama Who Doesn't Get It

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In a recent interview with 60 minutes correspondent Steve Kroft, Barack Obama sat back and referred to the so-called "fat cat" bankers and said, "They don't get it."

Obama got elected promising healthcare reform. Last year, healthcare reform meant providing insurance for the American people who did not have it. Healthcare reform meant holding down costs. Health care reform meant having health insurance if you wanted to change jobs or move from state to state. What healthcare reform means no liberal takeover and government control of one sixth of the American economy. Government control is the main objective of the bills currently in Congress. It is not about helping out the American people. Like all politics, it's outrecuidance.

America is becoming replete with people who have horror stories of home people were denied insurance coverage, or their claims were denied at the most critical point in their lives. At the other end of the spectrum, are the people who have received generous medical attention from socialized medicine programs in other countries such as Canada, Cuba, or France. Sick children have to be admitted on an emergency basis and within a few days are completely healed with the best medical treatment they can get this side of the miracle. Although stories like these abound, substantiation of them is rare.

A handful of Democrat Senators are now seen as the key to getting this passed. Even the one overwhelming majority of American people do not like the bills that are being sent through Congress, Democrats in the Senate seem determined to pass anything. No matter how watered down. No matter how far from the original goals of true health care reform. Anything to score a political victory. With support waning even in the Senate, instead of improving the bill, taking time to get it right, (Obama even uses this phrase) Democrats and Democrat supporters are now focusing on changing the method in which the bill would be passed instead of creating a bill that is more acceptable to the people seeking change and to those seeking improvements in the health insurance coverage. They don't get it.

Where is the Senate bill? Majority leader Harry Reid has been making his own version and not presenting it to the American people. He is also not presenting it to the other senators. How can anyone come out in support of this having not seen the bill? We certainly can't expect any leadership from the senators from Wisconsin -- Feingold and Kohl. Feingold is goose-stepping along with the other Democrats and Kohl is too busy worried about the basketball season than to pay any heed to ever meant affairs. Cole has said for over 20 years that he is nobody's senator, and Feingold hasn't felt the need to stand up for the people in Wisconsin for at least the last six years. I can't believe the Republicans are so lame that they cannot field a candidate to challenge Feingold. 2010 will be another year to 'throw the bums out.' Feingold's should be a vulnerable seat.

Month after month Obama has proven that he is in over his head. Now his to claiming poll numbers are finally showing that the American people are waking up to the fact that America has elected a do-nothing president. He is more interested in doing television interviews than he has in getting policies passed that are going to improve America. On employment and a poor economy are the top two issues for the American people. So what does Obama focus on? Health care reform. Why? It's not about helping people. It's about government takeover of the economy. It's about politicizing America. Wasn't he supposed to be the president that brings people together? We were told that last year. He's had a year to prove it. He hasn't. Obama has not grown into the job of being president. He thinks he can just read a speech and all our problems will be solved. Well, it's not that easy. Being president is a lot more work than being an event planner. Obama has not realized that yet. Obama doesn't get it.

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