Doyle's Cap and Trade

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Governor Jim Doyle does not want to waste his last year in office. Although it is well-known that he is a lame duck, it becomes more apparent every day that he is also a lame brain. Being one of the worst governors in Wisconsin history, Doyle intends to leave the state in far worse shape financially than when he took office. Even the poor budget that is destined to create a huge shortfall by the end of the term, Doyle is not satisfied that Wisconsin residents are taxed enough.

Now Doyle is doing his own version of Cap and Trade. On the heels of the Copenhagen conference which had high hopes of 192 countries coming together to impose a bunch of pollution regulations upon the world, Governor Doyle wants to do a scaled-down version of admissions control for Wisconsin. Apparently Doyle thinks that unemployment is not high enough in the state and enough businesses have not left the state in recent years. Let's not forget about the high tax torture that will keep prospective employers and prospective business owners from coming here in the first place.

What's happening in the Copenhagen conference is comical. Al Gore is becoming a laughing stock because what he has been claiming about the polar ice caps melting is being revealed for what it is-lies. Arguments among the countries leaders are not producing the expected results that were dropped about before the conference began. How do we expect to get Obama's one world order when you have over 100 egos that continually clash? Not bloody likely!

But Jim Doyle wants to initiate carbon controls on the citizens of Wisconsin. Where does he think electricity comes from? If wind and solar power were viable sources for energy, they would not have been even dated like they have been so many times before. Remember the solar panels of the 1970s? Some houses still have them. Are they using them?

Imposing taxes like the Cap and Trade taxes that are being talked about at the federal level are going to be job killers. But that doesn't matter to liberals. They will just extend unemployment benefits. They will just socialize the healthcare benefits. Liberals believe that $370 per week is very generous. It will keep you on a low tax bracket and allow you to raise a family. Any other extra expenses can be subsidized by those evil rich people who are not taxed enough according to the Liberals.

Whatever happened to having a good vision for the future? What happened to having a vision of prosperity for the future? That is clearly gone. Prosperity in America is over. Prosperity and Wisconsin is also over. When faced with challenges such as high-end employment, job loss, and tax base a Roche and, the state legislature passes bills limiting the amount of phosphates in dishwashing soap. Not only are we not taxed enough, our dishes are too clean.

Politicians and Wisconsin should be the first to know that Cap and Trade legislation and regulations will do more damage to the economic climate and other states in the union. So why is Doyle doing this? Does he think he is Obama light? Pun not intended.

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