Republicans and Lieberman Just Don't Get It --PART TWO RESPONSE TO COMMENTS

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NOTE:  I tried to post a comment responding to the comments of readers --- and it would not post !!  So I have posted it below in "bold - italics" --- the original post is below the response to comments -- and of course the comments are below also.  I guess I have to get our 13 year old to show me how to use this computer :-)

It is good to see a vibrant discussion on this topic --- it can only benefit the country in the long run. Regarding Dave Casper's question concerning medical care in France -- I do have a mea culpa for a faux pas ... I try very hard to verify before I print, and although I did that in this case, it was not with the right person and the story was distorted a bit from the original telling (the old heard it third hand).

As it turned out, it was not our daughter who had the treatment, but a friend of hers ....... BUT I did find out and verify the following:

1) Our daughter like many if not all students who travel abroad through one of the student programs, had an International Health Insurance Program coverage.

2) With that coverage, if she had needed care in France, it would have cost very little or nothing at all --- and definitely NOT as much as in the USA with normal private health insurance coverage here.

3) She did have a friend visiting from another country where she was studying, and she fell and hit her head --- ambulance and ER care and NO charge ... she also had the International Coverage, but as I found in my research since DC's inquiry, most ER visits in France do not result in a charge ... although not necessarily the technical design of the health care program there.

As for Gordy 1's assertion that the Republicans want the new plan to cover the politicians and the Democrats don't --- I don't really trust EITHER party or most ANY of the politicians, regardless of party affiliation. I have been active in both, and found the only difference is the "red meat" each party throws to its true believers !!!

But I have not found any substantiation that what Gordy asserts is true --- or for real, not forgetting that there have been no lack or Red Herrings being tossed around over this issue.

I am going to post a new blog about the French Health Care program, which is really very interesting. But I wanted to wait to give everyone a chance to make their comments on this posting

 Our daughter in college spent a semester in France and traveling around Europe not too long ago.

While in Paris, she was not feeling well, and went to the hospital.  

They quickly diagnosed her ailment, gave her medication for it.

When she walked out of the hospital, she hadn't paid anything, and she didn't owe anything.

A couple years ago, a friend of mine was really down on his luck, and he was very sick --- I think it was pneumonia?  

I took him to one of those urgent care places, and he was back out the door in 5 minutes --- saying they would not treat him as he had no insurance and not enough money ($200 some dollars).

I insisted he go back in, I went with him, and asked how they could turn away someone with a serious ailment, and if it was legal?  As soon as the word legal came out, they of course treated him, verified he was very sick, and gave him a prescription.

We went to Walgreens and I lent him the money for the prescription which cost over $100 !!!!!

That is the difference between health care in the rest of the "civilized" world and here in the United States.

And the differences go far beyond who can and cannot get health care ..........

Our economy is being torn apart by the exhorbitant costs of health care here --- we are becoming a country of "haves' and "have nots" in who gets to be healthy and who gets kicked to the curb.

Many of our corporations here "outsource and outshore" work that Americans use to do, in part because of the high health care costs here.

Even Corporations who provide health care for their employees have made the deductibles and co-pays so high, that it is not affordable for the average worker making a modest living.

Yet those same corporations (you know, the ones that pay their CEO's millions) cover the co-pays and deductibles for their high ranking executives --- true Cadillac Plans !

We are very close to "beginning" to solve this century old dilemma (Teddy Roosevelt tried over 100 years ago) ------- 


And as for Lieberman --- I guess the only explanation is DEMENTIA .......... but at least he --- like every Republican Politician out there in DC, has Cadillac Health Care Coverage --- so he will be a well cared for, Smiling Idiot !!!


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