Obama: "My Accomplishments are Slight"

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While accepting the Nobel prize for peace in Oslo,Norway, Barack Obama humbly said, "My accomplishments are slight." This statement is as true today as it was two years ago when he decided to run for president of the United States. His accomplishments are slight. What are they?

I cannot remember a time in which a presidency has propagated more uncertainty than this one. In terms of health care, the president and the Democrats in Congress seem determined to pass any type of reform bill now matter how you're responsible it is. Every day we hear conflicting stories on how much it is going to cost. The Democrats promised savings, the Republicans say the cost will be out of control. This was supposed to increase the coverage of the uninsured. The Democrats expect us to believe that they can cut Medicare, reduce the waste and fraud out of Medicare, and add 37 million more people to Medicare. How is this supposed to add up? The Democrats must really think the American people are stupid. Their main concern is about getting 60 votes in the Senate. After that, look out. What we have seen develop is more about Democratic takeover of 1/6 of our economy than actually caring about people's health.

Obama ran on the promise that he is going to correct what is wrong with the economy. Instead, we have seen $787 billion wasted. Congress passed into law a liberal want list that has done nothing to get the economy back on track. The $787 billion is more about buying votes in 2010 and 2012 than it is about creating jobs. The only jobs created have been in the governmental sector. This does not create sustainable jobs. Yet Obama refuses to change course. How much worse does things have to get? I guess a lot worse.

Cap and Trade is completely you're responsible. The Democrats are ignorantly continue to buy yen to the flawed science of man-made global warming. For science to be verified, must be challenged. Yet the global warming extremists continue their crusade in order to receive endowments. This would not be so bad except their actions are erroneously convincing politicians that they need to increase taxes above and beyond the healthcare tax increases, the expiration of the Bush tax credits, and they impose carbon taxes that are going to cost Wisconsin families $3000 per year more in electricity alone. How can this be viewed as progress? How can these erroneous believes be forced upon the American people?

Governmental spending is out of control. The federal government is growing. The more people in the federal government or earning more than $100,000 a year is exploding. How can this be viewed as responsible while Obama attacks the so-called 'fat cats' on Wall Street? This administration is demonstrating that the more you buy into the Obama agenda, the better you are rewarded. Even though people are saying that the healthcare bill may not get passed, that Cap and Trade will not be passed, I am not that optimistic.

Obama had three simple principles; not raising taxes on the middle class, not passing bills that will add to the deficit, and not passing bills that are loaded with earmarks. None of this has been done. Obama has not gone through the budget line by line like he promised in his campaign. Congress continues to push through 2000+ page bills that they have not read. Yet the American people are supposed to assume that they do only good things for the future of this country. What is the rush if this bills are so good? The Democrats are doing everything they can to twist arms, and favors, and use the persuasion of power to pass these bills that are going to ruin America. Are we going to stop before we get to the point where things cannot be reversed?

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