Some day the people of this Village will have to face El Guapo!

El Guapo's, Berkeley's, Silver Spring

Over the past week, the blog has received a ton of search-engine hits all seeking information about the same topic: EL GUAPO'S. Everyone wants to know more about Berkeley's makeover.

El Guapo's is a significant change from Berkeley's. The interior is vastly different, more masculine .. a much better place for drinks. The price point is lower, and the food is more family friendly.

And take-out friendly .. my wife and I never did take-out from Berkeley's because some places, the food and presentation are too good to mess up with styrofoam boxes. We'll definitely hit EG's for fresh take-out Mexican, though. $25 will go pretty far, when many plates are $6-9.

I emailed some questions to the owners .. their answers are below:

Why Mexican: Originally when we decided on this location, we contemplated a Mexican concept vs. a neighborhood cafe. Turns out the former may have been the better choice. El Guapo's menu is approachable & affordable. The taco entree, for example, starts at $6.50.

Describe the changes to the interior: We made it warm & cozy. Berkeley's lacked warmth, and had terrible acoustics. We have addressed those issues by using warm colors (the green is gone!), constructing partitions between tables, and adding sound absorbing ceiling tiles and a warm wood floor.

Community reaction thus far: Community reaction has been very very favorable! For every one guest we have upset about Berkeley's closing (namely they would like the crunch salad back!), we have 9 guests excited about the change of both atmosphere and menu. Opening El Guapo's is a fresh start. We listened to the community for the past year and believe we have created an offering and an environment that will be well received.

Where did El Guapo come from? Answer: After a long search, we decided on El Guapo. It means "Handsome Man."

Hah. I think they stole it from the awesome 90's movie, The Three Amigos:

Some day the people of this Village will have to face El Guapo!

(Click link to see El Guapo reference.)

Here EG's menu:

El Guapo's Menu - Whitefish Bay


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