Words and social madness.

Words, the brain and society.



Thomas Carlyle referred to “the madness of society.” He also said, “be not the slave of words.” Yet without words and without society, what would human kind be?


Human beings are shaped by society,.  Without society they would be mere animals in the wild. Witness the youngest of youth.  Without the social guidance of the mature, madness reigns. They can revolt against certain restraints but only within those limits. For “madness” lies beyond those boundaries.


Words help make up what our brain is. They help shape our thoughts, but as Carlyle states, we should not let words dominate our natures nor restrain our thoughts, although they help make them up and thus our thoughts help form who we are.


I agree with the thought, “the madness of society.”   Society does function as a sort of madness. As we compare one society against another and attempt to divide certain actions into areas and divisions, for purposes of comparison, we find these without rhyme nor reason.


The interesting character of words is that few words can be compared, one society against another. They tend to have different meaning within their own limited areas depending on their placement and their use.


Therefore we can not achieve total thought exchange in translation and often not even shades of meaning within the group speaking the common language.


Perhaps there is more a madness of words and perhaps we are more slaves to society, whatever society's degree of madness. And in enslavement to words, we may enter various degrees of social madness.

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