Hand washing.



Dirty old dollar bills go in and out of my wallet whether it's flu season or not.


Shouldn't I wash my hands after handling? Should I disinfect my wallet too? In some places the credit card is handed to the check-out clerk who may have just sneezed into a kleenex, discarding it as you arrive. Then you replace the card in your wallet after it's handed back.


Money transactions seem down right dirty.  Can we trust the person on the other side, or the transaction itself?  Today's media has shown us how full of germs both houses of congress are, with or without filthy lucre in view.


Shouldn't congressmen and congresswomen wash their hands after reaching out into corporation's pockets?

And who knows in what kind of filthy places lobbyist have been?  Sometimes former members of congress join together, regardless of party and eagerly perform this dirty business. Shouldn't they at least wear rubber gloves or -------?


Did you wash your hands before reaching for the handle on the door of the public washroom?


I don't remember whether the one giving me my anti-flu virus shot washed her hands before she injected me and the next guy. We shouldn't dwell too much on what hands can get into, beside corporation's filthy pockets.


I've been told that most of us have built-in immunity. Those over 50 have more built-in than the rest. Some of us have so much built-in stuff that the germs and virus want to avoid us just to survive.


The concept of virus mutation is especially interesting when the term “mutation” is applied to members of congress and when especially applied to longtime politicians. They've got a lot of immunity and built-in mutation in them.


Those that hate government most know how to take advantage of its disease-forming processes and how to place that filthy lucre in their pockets. Thank God for rubber gloves and  . . . .

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