Human and moral responsibilities.

The heath of women.



The church, it seems has special moral and social responsibilities in caring for women, evidenced by the church's interest in the health condition of the embryo.


It seems that its compassion should be aimed more at women's welfare and health especially during pregnancy.


The church, it would appear should also work toward maintaining its important responsibility for the health and welfare of children after birth as well and at least for the first 25 years of their lives.


It obviously is seeing to it that children are properly educated and grow up in reasonably normal environments, not only in the United States but throughout the world.


This means that the church has its hands full with the moral responsibility of providing for family conditions especially for children all over the world.


These tremendous responsibilities might suggest that the church ought not go into tangential areas such as biology too much nor become too obsessed with life's beginning as much as to involve itself with the practical conditions of the living.


We have proved that we have many other moral things to contend with, more important than questions like how many angels can sit on the point of a pin.


What about murder, killing of soldiers and innocent civilians in war and what about government initiated executions and torture?


Women have a special responsibility that men do not have. Women cannot run away from this responsibility as easily as men can.


These comments of course are devoted to greater compassion for women.


I had more compassion for my mother than for my father although I loved them equally.   Let's also remember the Blessed Virgin.

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