A Turkey of a Purchase

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A fifty-dollar sewing machine that I have used once in five years, a jacket I bought because it was a good deal (what was I thinking – it’s ugly), and DVD that Monkey didn’t like.

The Turkey Trot, waking up at 4am the day after Thanksgiving is an annual tradition for my Mom and me.

The night before our Turkey Trot, we scour the ads in the ginormous Thursday newspaper With pen and paper in hand, we map out our route; deciding which stores to hit first. Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, and Best Buy, just to name a few. After finding our treasures at these stores, it’s off to breakfast.

For many years our favorite spot for a Turkey Trot break was Le Peep. That was until that egg cracked and the restaurant went sunnyside down. Scrambling to find a new spot, we now frequent to i-Hop for a quick shortstack before continuing on our Turkey Trot.

After breakfast, it’s onto Bayshore to hit the stores there. With coupons in hand, we wade through the crowds at Boston Store, Chico’s and the many other specialty stores at the retail hub of Glendale.

Time flies when you are having fun; nine hours later and its only two o’clock! Now that our day is over, I drop my Mom at her house and we empty the bags out of the car. A new sweater, a pair of earrings, a cake pan that I might use next thanksgiving, a video game for Monkey (and Silverback Gorilla), all Black Friday bargains.

Then it’s time to head home for a much needed nap. It’s literally a shop till we drop experience. It’s our Turkey Trot.

It’s not about buying some gadget that we don’t know what it does but it looks fun, it’s not about the thrill of the bargain hunt, it’s not even about the task of getting up at the crack of dawn after stuffing ourselves at our gobble till we wobble feast. IT IS about spending quality time with my Mom, it’s about continuing the tradition that we started 15 years ago.

What will this year bring? It might be a three-dollar toaster, a Snuggie, or a one-dollar hammer. Those ginormous ads will tell us where to go and what to buy. Undoubtedly it will be something that I think I need because it’s a good bargain. One thing I do know, I won’t be buying another sewing machine. That was a turkey of a purchase!

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