How about a bipartisan employment program?

Re-employment policies.


The Republicans have been clamoring and rightfully so,  for a more bi-partisan evolution of the health care bill.

They have also recognized that the unemployment problem is something that needs to be attended to.


We cannot have a bi-partisan approach to problems if one party prefers to go it alone or one party stands on the sidelines.


It is now time that the opposition party suggest to President Obama as to how he should proceed in handling the unemployment problem now that both parties are interested in this situation and are agreed that the unemployed should be put to work as quickly as possible.


Should the Republicans suggest that they get together with the Democrats and propose a policy where the banks would be urged to lend money to small firms so that the unemployed could be put back to work? Or do they have more sophisticated proposals?


It's in the interest of the nation that we decrease the number of those looking for work as quickly as possible. And it is in the interest of both parties that they get together and come up with good ideas for re-employment.


Here's our chance for a bi-partisan approach. How about it?  Let's do it from the start this time. 

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