Sunrise, new day and more to come.




Here I sit, early Sunday morning, in Shorewood, awaiting another of those Spring-like mornings in the Fall, coming before the days of snow. I'm hoping for a memorable sunrise as well.


Now my thoughts follow my remarks on the wastefulness of the uneducated mind, it follows, if we want to carry even our secular religious instincts further that a child, a human being is a terrible thing to waste.


Thus my views on war and my beliefs as to our social obligations. We may start from a selfish stand that first of all our responsibilities are to all of those who live on this land which cannot but expand themselves to all humanity.


What we can become and who we want to be must underly our views and our values of humanity.  For those who expound their views on pro-life, for example, if they would follow through on the importance of the individual after birth, the argument would have even greater rationale.


If the argument were that individuals minds are terrible things to waste even at inception then the underlying notion of the importance of all humanity would clarify this stand even further. And that is that all individuals, that all minds are terrible things to waste.


Would they show as much opposition to war and its waste of life, to poverty and its waste, to ignorance and to that sacred waste and the loss of dignity that ignorance presents?


The American constitution was one step further in promoting the dignity of humanity, the rights of human beings. It is the dignity of humanity that gives life meaning, All else ignores its importance and is as much waste as the waste of one mind.  Where do these church teachings enter the air?


And I, I would not waste one more sun rise as I allow myself openly to shed as many tears for those children who cannot sustain their bodies and their minds as I shed for those who waste their human usefulness in the wars of those who would be emperors against all humanity.


I view each sun rise as a new day that may shed new light and bring new knowledge to the meaning of our humanness. Perhaps Sunday, Sunday morning is an appropriate time for expanding those thoughts. There are, of course, other days as well. There will be many more sunrises.

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