For Tax and Spend Liberals, Spending Comes First

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President Barack Obama has said in recent interviews that he is becoming worried about the future of America's debt. The annual deficits are beginning to pile up and the national debt is finally becoming something to be concerned about.

Well, land sakes, Pa! This is news.

For months, people have been ranting about the amount of money being spent by this administration. The $787 billion stimulus bill, a $3.4 trillion budget, the $1.46 billion deficit. These are starting to add up. After nine months, even the Democrats are saying that this is a lot of money. But what are they doing about it? They are still determined to pass $1 trillion health-care reform bill. They call it a reform bill, what it actually is, is government takeover of the health care system. The Democrats are also trying to push through a Cap and Trade bill. This one is also called Cap and Tax because it does nothing to save the environment, it only collects huge sums of taxes from the citizens of America.

After the Democrats have realized that the stimulus bill did not work, now they want to consider tax credits. Unfortunately, they do not hear what business owners and leaders are saying. They are expressing uncertainty about the future because they cannot confidently expand their businesses when they hear the daily reverberation of regulation and new taxes that lie ahead. This is why the only jobs that have been created in the past year had been government jobs.

So now, after we had wasted trillions of dollars and may still be months away from wasting another trillion dollars with a health care bill accompanied with billions in new taxes, now the administration is going to say to America that we do not want to spend more money than we are taking in. Of course, what they really mean is the other way around. They want to take in more money to support the expansion of bureaucracies and bloated social programs with large tax increases at every level of government and every possible tax they can think of.

First on the list as income taxes. Of course they want to fight them on the rich people. But, because they have destroyed so much wealth in their efforts to redistribute income, a rich person will soon be anyone who can make more than $10 per hour. Next are taxes on businesses. Liberals believe that if you tax a business, they will just realize a lower profit. Having no people in the ministration with a business background, they have no idea how to run a business. They don't know that higher prices are coming. I hear prices accompanied by inflation. What about value-added taxes? This is a new tax for the United States. Value Added taxes are widely used in Europe. And of course, Obama wants the United States to be more like Europe. He wants socialized medicine and 80% income taxes.

The Cap and Trade taxes will be imposed on the utility companies. Obama thinks that the utility companies will have very low profits and barely breakeven. But if you take a look at what WE energies is doing, it is clear to see that they are beginning to raise their rates already gearing up for many more rate hikes that will be coming if this tax is imposed.

Yes, America, higher taxes are coming. Huge tax increases are going to be imposed by the very party who promised no taxes would go up. But, Democrats always promised that. But soon, we may be passing a point of no return. With huge new government entitlements, the spending by the government will be unimaginable. To try to catch up, the tax hikes will also be on bearable. The Democrats do have a vision for America-they want us all to be broke and dependent on the government.

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