Neighborhood groups.



The vitality that Shorewood Connects displayed in this year's project and last year's is outstanding. It's like the Big Bang that got the universe started, from almost nothing to something, with the energy that is continuously expanding.


Young volunteers are organized in the Fall to help the elderly clean and prepare their yards for winter as acts of neighborliness. Americans are great for volunteering. Internationally, we are fighting two wars with volunteers.


This neighborhood spirit in Shorewood has been aroused and has stores of expanding energy that can be converted into a daily spirit and meaningful activities. Thanks to those who have and continue to dedicate so much time and energy of their own. Someone should list their names.


I believe that many of the elderly can in return contribute to the lives of many of the young people in the community as well.  There must be many intergenerational interrelationships that can be developed during the time when schools close and children await dinner, as an example of an area with potential.


There must be activities that might engage citizens of all ages throughout the day. Just in passing, Open Book is the result of others involved in community spirited activities.


We must utilize the energy that our Big Bang has developed at its start with this successful Fall clean up to many other areas, perhaps with similar potential. There are many other on-going community activities that might gain from this developing spirit.


Let's build on this and continue to think of the expanding potential that Shorewood Connects now provides us.


My personal thanks to all of you that have made this outstanding contribution. I'm sure that all of Shorewood is grateful.

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