Unemployment not a disease covered by the health care bill.

Unemployment and No unemployment policies.



The opposition is beginning to whine about the lack of re-employment. Good talking point. What is the proposal? Shouldn't the free market take care of this or are we asking for bigger government?


Being critical on the sidelines, without solutions seems to be enough. Leaving it alone seems to be a good answer. I wonder what the unemployment rate is in Shorewood, after all some 90% are employed and most of employed don't live in the inner city, do they?


Followers of traditional economics have never been for full employment nor anything close to full employment. Why is that? Cheap labor and low wages keep labor cost down. That's the way China is doing it.


When our economy comes close to full employment, we go overseas and encourage those under present slave conditions to come over. Maybe we can bring some Chinese over here too?  Do they have health care?


People in Mexico have been encouraged to come to work here whether legally or illegally by some of the very ones wanting walls at our borders and who will deny illegal workers health care once they've been attracted here.


We don't have to hire unhealthy workers. They can go back home and be sick.


Workers are considered a rather costly element to corporations, probably a larger cost than advertising in most cases, so who cares about paying even some of their health bills.


Still, slave masters concerned themselves with the health of their slaves, for slaves had value and could be sold if they were healthy. Today, employers do not have the same interests. Laborers are on their own. We can't sell them.


Unemployment is good for those requiring workers. But where workers have become consumers how does a consuming economy function without these earning consumers? That's a tough question. Let's leave it for another day.


Credit cards don't seem to work. They create money out of nothing, “You can't squeeze blood out of a turnip,” it is often said. What do the do-nothing driven politicians do about the recession then, wait for something to happen. We all know what happens.


Being critical and standing by the sidelines seems the best thing to do. Who needs unwanted solutions, especially when pointing at perceived failure is more fun?


So no solutions for today. Let's go back to having fun.

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