Wisconsin Needs Tom Barrett

 What will Barrett do?

Mayor Tom BarrettThat’s the phrase on the lips of many today as Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is expected to make an announcement as to whether or not he will run for Governor.

He should.

It’s not because democrats simply need a candidate in the race. Others could fill those shoes. It’s because Wisconsinites need someone they can rally behind. Simply put, Barrett reflects Wisconsin values.

He’s heroic. How often can you say that of a politician? There’s no question about it with Barrett. When a woman was being attacked, Barrett stepped in to stop the attack. Instead of the woman taking the brunt of the attack, Barrett fell victim to a tire iron wielding thug and for his selfless actions, he will likely never have full use of one of his hands again. How many people would do that?

He’s committed. As a Congressman he worked with his colleagues in the United States Congress to get aid for flood remediation projects in his district. Because of his actions, many homeowners who dealt with flood waters and sewer backup in their homes are safe from these disasters happening again.

He’s smart. Knowing that the Marquette Interchange, one of the main arteries for interstate commerce in all of Wisconsin, was crumbling, Barrett successfully got federal funding for its rebuilding. This saved Wisconsin residents from having to bear the brunt of this costly fix alone.

He’s friendly. Barrett is the kind of guy that you would want to toast with a good Wisconsin beer. He’s approachable and engaged.

He’s concerned. He is unwavering in his concerns for his fellow man (and woman) and will do whatever it takes within his power to help others when he can.

Barrett has a lot to consider before his announcement. There is no question that he will be making a great personal sacrifice if he does choose to run. But the upside is that Wisconsin will get a leaders it deserves, Barrett will have the honor of representing a grateful public and someday, maybe even a hundred years from now, his grandchildren will look back on his work with pride and say, “my Grandpa was Governor”.

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