Community and self-generation.

Self generation and communities.



I didn't see any announcements that the Shorewood Health Department would be administering “flu shots” on Thursday, 4 to 6 pm., but found out through inquiry.


Some others also found out and began coming together before that time under Shorewood's Library and engaged in discussion having to do with subjects from competition between community bookstores to the meanings of our last names, days spent in different parts of Europe, where our ancestors came from and concentration camps. I don't know what else occurred out of hearing distance from me.


For the moment we had become a self-generated community, organizing ourselves in a line and preparing our papers to get our shots. We were there for a common purpose, shots. As each of us got the shot, the number dwindled and the momentary self-generated community broke up.


My superficial, or perhaps my philosophical interest in astrophysics has been increasing my curiosity in the manner in which the concept of self-generation enters our scientific thinking as well as our religious thinking.


I referred to self-generation in terms of community creation. But what about self-generation in a physical sense?


Did the universe start from nothing, self-generated, from that small ball of nothing or a little bit of something that caused the BIG BANG? If it was almost nothing, did it come from something else and where did the "first something else" come from?” Now we have diamonds, oil and gold and organisms. Where did it all come from? A question without answers.


But communities can self-generate. I think that I proved that in my earliest part of this discussion.


What I'd like to do now, is to find ways to expand that innate quality that even small groups have for becoming communities and to expand that toward making it more permanent for those who live in Shorewood or who live in any other similar grouping.

How about some ideas, so that we can all work on that?


Dave: how about a community mulching of leaves festival, every Fall?

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