Americans, Canadians and Swedes.

Culture, the basis of who we are.



Our culture makes us who we are.


Canadians believe that more people are killed by drunken drivers than are killed there by guns.


Swedes have no tolerance for drunken driving. The punishment can be loss of license and/or long term imprisonment.


Americans believe that if one is a little drunk that one should be permitted to drive.


There's a higher percentage of people killed here under the influence than in Sweden.


Without a survey, one could say fairly positively that we have a higher percent of murders in the United States than in Sweden.


Laws regulating drunken driving, of course emanate from within each culture.


Most Swedes and Canadians probably believe that the United States should not be at war in Afghanistan and Iraq.


Most of our presidential candidates believed that the U.S. should remain at war there. We believe too that driving while a little drunk is O.K.


We also believe that everyone has the right to tote a gun, drunk or not, driving or walking to save us from the tyranny of government.  Universal health care, we suspect is one of those tyrannies.


Canadians and Swedes have universal health care.


Scientist believe that nothing comes from nothing. They believe that nothing or something almost as small as nothing caused the big bang.


Religions present us with different cultural beliefs, the ancient ones presented the notion that there was nothing before there were gods who were self-created and then created everything else, including thunder and lightning.


Our cultures, it seems are self-created and they seem to make us who we are, that is Americans, Canadians and Swedes.

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