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The healthcare bill that is currently going through Congress is not about the uninsured. It started out that way. It was a major part of last year's presidential campaign. Even earlier this year, there was a national concern about insuring the uninsured. With the mounting job losses in the economy being killed by the socialist principles of the administration, we needed to keep the uninsured insured and provide low-cost medical access to those people who would otherwise have to go to the emergency room. My, how things have changed.

Passing the healthcare bill now is all about politics. It's about the people in Congress who think that they are standing up and making history. Well, they are making history. They are accelerating the country into bankruptcy.

Having passed the House of Representatives, the healthcare bill now goes to the Senate. Or so it is in theory. The Senate would normally have to reconcile the bill and then pass it on their own merits and go to conference. Although the Democrats wanted this to be done by August, as late as last week Harry Reid was hinting that the bill might not be passed until after Christmas. Some may even view this as the bill not being passed again. But now with the momentum from the Howls of Representatives, the Senate is getting ready to learn it by the end of next week. The problem is; there is no Senate bill that is being voted on. Does a Senate bill exist?

The Democrats in Congress along with the administration who promised us bipartisanship have decided that they will do whatever they can to ram it down our throats ASAP. Former president Bill Clinton is lobbying the Senate to vote yes on the bill. Even if it does not exist, vote yes. What kind of sense does this make?

The progressives have claimed that for 100 years there has been an urge to get healthcare nationalized. Or even socialized, what's the difference? Theodore Roosevelt tried it. Harry Truman tried it. Even Richard Nixon tried it. It failed every time! Why? Because socialized governmental take over of healthcare is a bad idea. If it were a good idea, they would not need to be all of the arm-twisting politicking and back room promising being made that is being done today. If it were a good idea, people would take the time to read the bill. If it were a good idea, we could slow down and phase changes in instead of doing a full overhaul that the Democrats want to do. It's not about Americans, it's Nancy Pelosi's agenda.

The entire Obama administration is based on politics. President Obama promised us that there would be a change to how work is being done in Washington. While there has been a change, and it is not for the better. For two years, the Obama administration has complained that George W. Bush had eight years of failed policies. In Obama's 10 months of being president, he has only made things worse. There is no bipartisanship, there is no cooperation.

Obama is currently mis-handling the war in Afghanistan. He put his own guy in there to turn things around and make it a success. He wants a successful end to the war there. Who doesn't? Yet, Obama fumbles around looking for the decision. Obama praised Congress for quick passage of the stimulus bill. It is been a resounding failure. He is urging for quick passage of the healthcare bill. That too, will be a resounding failure. It took him six months to decide what kind of puppy to bring into the White House. Whether or not to send troops to Afghanistan must be as important as what kind of puppy to get.

The decision on what to do in Afghanistan is not based on right or wrong. It is based on politics. He wants to prove to the right that he can out do George W. Bush. Yet, he wants to maintain his base on the left. He doesn't care what moderates think because they are wishy-washy anyway. In the meantime, the troops that are over there are being put in more danger. Of course, he doesn't want to bring other people over there to put them in danger. So why not bring everybody home? Wars can't be won in Afghanistan anyway. So Obama should cut his losses and bring everybody out of Afghanistan. That way, there will be more money to spend on the domestic agenda. There will be more money for healthcare takeover and the socialization of the remaining economy.

Yes, Americans voted for change. They voted for hope. The change we got is not what we expected. And once again we need hope more than ever. We need hope that we can make it to the next election if the current incumbents do not bring us all past the brink of collapse.

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