Coffee shop and bookstore, a form of free market competition?

Coffee shop type competition



Most of those actively involved in business are doing everything possible to eliminate competition.


The best way to do this is to come up with superior products or services. Advertising sometimes helps in producing competition. For example, “Cadillac class” still lingers.


This type of competition elimination is not perpetual. It's a constant contest. Buying up the competition is what those firms “too big to fail” have done.


The reason we have laws and a police force is to keep things fair.


A fair market to maintain some of that fair competition needs policing. The problem is that agreement to regulations and their enforcement are difficult tasks to achieve.


A recent and rather insignificant example of opposition to free market in this area by those in business is the replacement of bookstore ownerships formerly known as the Schwartz bookstores.


The latest, our own in Shorewood, is claimed to bring competition into what is considered to be a fragile market, therefore, two are competition and three too much competition. Yet they are intended to serve small local markets and are not even regional in nature.


The way to eliminate perceived competition would be to re-consolidate. There goes the free market.

This is another example to me of the ephemeral nature of many of the concepts that guide us in our day to day lives.


The concepts of freedom by those still clinging to “wild west” notions lead them to imprisonment. There is no free market in breaking the law, no invisible hand and no tooth fairy.


Yet, I wish our Open Book enterprise lots of luck. I'm also waiting for the operation of the coffee section.


Are any of the other coffee enterprises going to complain about too much competition?

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