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Congress did it. They passed the 1990 page healthcare reform bill. I wonder how many members of Congress actually read it. I'll bet it was a lot less than 220.

It's apparent I had things wrong. I was wrong about what's wrong in America. The problems in America, is that government is too small, it does not reach far enough, and taxes too little. Think goodness we have the Democrat majority to help us solve this previously ignored problem.

The Obama administration seems determined to make the recession permanent. They won't stop in their determination until everyone is broke and dependent upon the government. Passing a $1 trillion health bill on the promise that half of it is going to be paid for by eliminating waste and fraud. Betting the other half will be paid for by those selfish rich people. If the workers of the world were united, they would realize that the selfish rich people are the ones who put their money at risk in order to create businesses that will employ the remainder of America who will not. After one quarter of growth, the fourth quarter will be another recessionary quarter. We will once again have negative growth in the GDP.

With over 10% unemployment, the Obama administration continues to take the direction of raising taxes and putting tighter regulation on businesses. They have their sights set on raising taxes immediately promising health care coverage that will not come about for four more years. Then they want businesses to expand. The only job growth that has come about since Obama took office and passed a stimulus bill was to expand government. Just about all the jobs created and all the job saved were government jobs.

In order to pass the trillion dollar health care bill, the Democrats did a lot of arm twisting and promise making. In New Orleans, the only Republican to vote for the healthcare bill did so after being promised aid to his city by the federal government to help rebuild after hurricane Katrina. If there presented had voted no, no further aid would've come to his city, right? This is how appropriations are going to be made in the future.

The government, majority owner in General Motors, saw that Detroit was losing jobs in the auto industry. So what did they do? They decided to build a car producing plant in Delaware. Is this how healthcare is going to be distributed? If your Congressional district is represented by a Democrat, you will get money for doctors in the hospital. If represented by a Republican, you'll get surplus bandages. This is of course to convince them ignorant citizenry that it will be better for their district to elect a Democrat. America will become just like the old Soviet Union. There will be two classes of people. Not the rich and the poor, but members of the Party and the proletariat. Guess who you will be?

A huge expensive bill that will pile deficit upon deficit along with tax increases upon tax increases can only be followed up by a Cap and Trade bill that will do essentially the same. It will spend money, tax too much, and perform too little. America's best days are clearly behind us.

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