What is it? It may affect people of all ages. It takes out a part or parts of your brain so that it might impair your speech, memory, the functioning of body limbs, writing and reading abilities.


If I were to have a STROKE, I probably would not be writing this, and if at all, perhaps some months from now with proper rehabilitation. Some are still improving from its affect two and three years later.


It affects the whole family and its responsibilities.


There are things that we can do to help prevent STROKE and what must be done immediately to prevent serious damage to those who suffer this event called STROKE.


All of us must become more informed, it can happen to anyone at any time. Knowing what to do has a  lot to do with how to confront this devastating disease. Its affect on elderly adds to the responsibility of taking care of our elderly relatives.


Let's do more about informing the public on what to do to prevent STROKE and what to do when it occurs. Recognition of its occurrence and immediate action is necessary.


What can we do as a community here in Shorewood?


More later

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