Too Big to Succeed

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The presidency of the United States is a unique position. It is a big job. It takes someone who is willing to work hard, very hard for a very long time. And that's just to get elected. Although compared to a private sector job, the presidency does not need near what a CEO would make, especially nowadays, but that's not why people seek the office. It is the position in the world. It is the place in history. It is the opportunity to lead a nation for what will seem a very short time in retrospect, but a very long time while it is occurring.

The blend of domestic and foreign affairs makes the presidency almost 2 jobs in one. It can seem overwhelming and it can be overwhelming. It all depends on who holds the office. For the past several years, the public is generally accepted that the presidency was too big of a job for George W. Bush. Americans for Avery. They wanted someone different. That gave us Barack Obama. Now, looking back over the past year, we concede that the presidency is too big for Barack Obama. It is too big an office for him to be effective in leading the country in a direction that it needs to go. It is too big a job for Obama to be successful.

Let's take a look back and see if we are even close to being delivered the promises that were made in exchange for our votes. America was promised bipartisanship. Barack Obama said in a speech that we are not blue states and we are not red states, we are the United States. Yet our nation seems to be more polarized than ever before. And if you were to ask a Democrat or anyone in the administration why the United States is so poor eyes, their answer is the same-blame the Republicans. In the campaign, Obama pledge to reach across the aisle and have to bipartisanship in much of the legislation that will be needed to pass his agenda. Nothing could be further from reality. In recent speeches, Obama tells people who do not agree with a mock stock and barrel, to get out of the way and grab a mop. Then, he even jokingly brushes off his charges of socialism by calling the mop a socialist. No, the Obama administration is leading America to socialism. This needs to stop. The opposition to socialism and communism in the United States is being heralded as a bunch of angry mobs. Well, people are angry. We don't want socialism.

Obama continues to pledge that there will not be tax hikes for those making under $250,000 per year. He also pledges not to add to the deficit. Well, after quadrupling the deficit, there's not too much left to be added. Again, the Democrat agenda is trying to pass tax hikes and mandates that are going to raise taxes at every level of government for every level of income. Even raising taxes on the poor, yet turning around and giving them subsidies is viewed by Obama is spreading the wealth around. That sounds a bit Marxist to me.

The real results of programs like the stimulus bill has not produced the jobs that we were promised. We have to wait to let the bill worked its way through. How much longer are the unemployed supposed to wait for job opportunities to return to the United States. I'm sure it's comforting to know that while President Obama gets around the country to Democrat fundraisers, they will soon be able to receive government run rationed healthcare. Why isn't the stimulus bill working? The Obama administration continues to blame George Bush. Every time Obama blames Bush, that means that Obama is not up to the job. He needs a good excuse for his under performance.

Any criticism Obama and his administration receive, is viewed as unfair. We aren't giving him enough time for his programs to work. This too, is an admission that the job is too much for Obama to handle. He is in over his head. He was elected for a four-year term. One quarter of it is almost gone. How long are we supposed to wait for results? The time is now, this is the moment. At this time. Yes, the presidency is a big job. It is proven to be too big for Obama. It's too big for him to succeed.

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