Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors are a Bunch of Idiots

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Why do we have a county board of supervisors in Milwaukee County? Do we need this level of government? What do they do? Anything? Anybody?

It seems that the role of the colony board is to waste money and raise taxes. And if Milwaukee County becomes undesirable for anybody who is looking for a great place to live, that's just an added bonus. As Scott Walker does whatever he can to keep county government under some sort of fiscal control, he meets opposition at every level. He meets opposition with a county board. As politicians, the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors just cannot fathom not having more money come in for them to waste on their own personal interests. The Board of Supervisors can't stand it when they do not have a chance to have somebody else increase taxes for them. They have to go on the rampage themselves.

Time and again, the Board of Supervisors has shown that they only have two ideas for how to raise taxes in Milwaukee County-a sales tax and the wheel tax. That's it-no other ideas. So when it comes time for them to waste more money, and they don't have enough to waste as it is, it's time to raise taxes. Naturally, they do what they can to push up property taxes. But they still want more. They want the wheel tax. $20 per vehicle at least. What will they do with the money? More trips for supervisors of course. More personal spending that can be charged to taxpayers. More on allowances for themselves. They'll tax you and me for our vehicles and turn around and want a healthy allowance for them to go down to the hamburger parlor for lunch.

Hasn't the Board of Supervisors done enough damage to the financial beating of Milwaukee County in the past 10 years? Lee Holloway, the idiot chairman of the board, suggested that we get rid of the County executive. That way he can have more power without putting forth any more effort. What a fossil thing to do for someone who only acts in his own self-interest. Well, Scott Walker suggested that the whole Board of Supervisors be disbanded. That is also a step in the right direction. What do the supervisors do besides collect $50,000 a year for doing nothing? They elected chairman of the supervisors to get a $20,000 annual bonus. What they have done in the past 10 years is a shame. The scandal of the pensions and backdrops for retired county employees should be enough for all citizens to call for their disbandment. But because they don't do anything, nobody noticed.

If we eliminate the County Board of Supervisors and their salaries, the county would have enough money for the services that it needs to provide-like the court system and the Sheriff's Department. After that, any needed government should either be done by the state or the local municipality. But like other governmental entities, they are looking to raise taxes to spend more money just because they want to. So here comes the sales tax and here comes the wheel tax. More reasons that the counties surrounding Milwaukee County are growing.

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