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Monkey loves Halloween. The decorations, costumes, and of course the candy make Halloween her favorite holiday.

For us dogs, Halloween is TORTURE! Yes, it’s me, Daisy Belle Stein ranting about that horrible holiday - Halloween.

The torture begins with that tradition of going door-to-door asking for candy. Yes, I am referring to trick-or-treat. Let me get this straight. It’s okay for kids to put on silly costumes and go from house to house begging for food but when I get up on my two little hind legs by the kitchen table, I’m told to stop begging for treats.

The doorbell ringing, this is a sign to a dog. It’s a signal that people are coming over to visit. The doorbell tells us dogs to get excited; to begin wagging our tails and to begin barking with joy. People are coming into the house that I can stiff, people that will pet me. With this trick-or-treat thing, the doorbell rings, I get excited but only to be let down when the kids don’t care about me. They are just at the door for candy. There is nobody for me to sniff, nobody to pet me.

And back to that candy thing. People hand out candy. TORTURE!!! Sugar and chocolate, not staples in a doggie diet. You are handing out food and I cannot have any. Grrrrrrroooooowwl

So how do we canines avoid the doorbell dilemma? We go trick-or-treating with the kids. Now you would think that this would be a good alternative to watching Mommy hand out candy but it too is wrought with problems. The Halloween costume. Like anyone would really believe that I am a skunk. Seriously, last year my Daddy dressed me in a skunk costume. TORUTRE!!! I don’t like things on my head, especially stupid ears. And the tail of the costume, it’s longer than my tail. This isn’t very convenient when I need to stop on a lawn to do my doggie business.

My solution, we canines have our own holiday. Howl-o-ween. It’s a holiday when we get to sleep all day and beg for as many treats as we want. Oh wait, this is everyday for a dog.

Anyway, if you see a funny looking skunk walking around your neighborhood on Saturday, don’t run. I won’t spray you. Not if you give me a Milk Bone!

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