There always has been a threat in the United States from right-wing capitalism.  Early capitalism took advantage of underprivileged people to the extent that would not be tolerated in America today, so some capitalists have moved their operations overseas.  Initially capitalism abused child workers, had horrible working conditions that caused early deaths, paid miserly wages, etc.  The government of the U.S. went along with much of this, there was no safety net, and corporations built a greed-foundation that they still feel they have a right to carry out as they see fit.  Using stumbling blocks every step of the way, corporations began to yield to public pressure and reform.  But they remain reluctant to operate humanely.

Whenever greed-capitalism is regulated, it finds a way around those regulations, or gets a right-wing president elected, or gets a compliant Congress elected, or moves their operations to a foreign country.  And in those foreign countries, which are pleased to welcome them away from the U.S., they return again to abusing child workers, pay putrid wages, and maim and kill literally millions of workers who succumb to premature deaths.  Only when major catastrophies occur, such as in India where abusive  American  corporations  literally killed many thousands, are we made aware of the ongoing abuse of workers who supply us with cheap products.  The human cost is tremendous.  And as U.S. workers lose their labor union jobs to overseas greed-capitalism, they no longer can buy anything but Wal-Mart level products.  And now even that is in some jeopardy, and people are losing their homes, have no health insurance, are dying early, and our veterans are homeless and walking the streets after risking their lives to protect capitalism.

Meanwhile American media remains silent about the regular, ongoing happenings as mentioned above.  How can this be?  American newspapers were once the envy of the world, U.S. media was considered the best.  Today the media in the U.S. has been slowly taken over and usurped by the likes of right-winger Rupert Murdoch, military-industrial giant General Electric, and other such major "journalist" outlets that promote right-wing politics and suggest the U.S. become a military bully in trying to settle all disputes.  This is a godsend for capitalists who never hesitate to get a leg up on the general population and make all their greed seem OK.  Reassurances about greed-capitalism is what FOX is all about.  While we are told to fret and concentrate on ACORN, a tiny fraction of one corporation's wealth or influence, the Amerian ideal is being stolen from right under our noses.  But something even more sly is going on to the detriment of the average American...

When big business in America fails, we now have the U.S. government coming to their rescue with hundreds of billions of dollars.  And the leaders of these greedy corporations are still paid huge bonuses, via immediate money or long-term percentages.  You pay and they inherit your money.  What was spent to pay for the failure of the most greedy corporations and financial institutions would take care of Medicare, Social Security, and health care in America into the distant future.  You were taxed to rescue multi-millionaires; it's now the American way.

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