A Question of Failure

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It wasn't that long ago when Barack Obama was calling the war in Afghanistan a war of necessity. After taking office in January, President Obama acted like he was going to show the people of the United States and show the world how to effectively end a war. He had his motivation-he would out do President Bush. It was Bush and Iraq versus Obama and Afghanistan.

We had a precedent. The surge in Iraq. After a lot of criticism and comparisons to Vietnam, the surge in Iraq is now being regarded as a success. It's being regarded as much of a success as wars can be. Well, wars cost too much. They last too long. And far too many people who go over to fight do not come back alive. So let's ask the question; what's going wrong in Afghanistan?

Once again, we are comparing the war in Afghanistan to that in Vietnam. It's like a lost cause. It's going on for far too long, it's costing too much, and too many soldiers are not coming back alive. So what is the United States supposed to do? Another surge? Escalation? A complete pullout?

In February, President Obama urged the people of the United States to quickly pass a recovery bill to help the economy of the United States. It resulted in the famous $787 billion stimulus bill. It is been a disaster. It is not created or saved anything close to what was promised. And of course, the number of save jobs is always subjective. After that, the president took six months to decide on what kind of puppy to bring into the White House. Next, the president with the support of Congress was hoping to pass a health care reform bill by the end of August. And while the citizens of the United States are being jerked around by Congress and their fluid direction of a health care bill, the president is also taking months to decide if he wants to support his hand-picked commander of forces in Afghanistan.

Even though Barack Obama did not have any foreign policy experience, he was elected because he believed he would have strong support in the area of foreign-policy with people like Joe Biden, John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton. Now who was speaking for the administration? Traditionally it is been the secretary of state. Lately, it has been John Kerry and other people who are technically not part of the administration. What does this say about Hillary? What does it say about our foreign policy? It is one of weakness and confusion.

Even among Democrats, there is a lot of dissension with the support of the war in Afghanistan. Who are we even fighting? Is it Al Qaeda? Is it the Taliban? Again we are having a long drawn out war with no direction. How can we measure success? Is success even defined? Will we know it when we see it? Yes, the peace prize became a burden. The president-the Man of peace-is failing at war. Foreign-policy failures are certainly not going to help the United States and its standing in the world. Obama thought he could make things better by apologizing and thinking people just like him just because he was now our president. Can he continue to blame Bush? One thing we know, he's sure going to try.

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