Public Option: In and Out

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Can anyone tell the direction that the Democrats are going with regard to the government takeover of health care, or as they call it "reform", especially with regard to the public option? Every day it's something different. It's in. It's out. It's in with the option to opt out. It's out with the option to opt in. Which is it?

It's turning into nothing more than a simple ploy to confuse the public and lie to the citizens of the United States. This administration pledged that it would have more transparency and more openness than any other administration in history. Or at least more than George W. Bush. Well it isn't. It is trying to shove down the throats of the American citizens three times the spending of previous administrations and more government and corruption than we ever thought possible. But Congress is trying to put together a health care reform bill, government takeover to the plain speakers, behind closed doors. They are taking a 1200 page bill that no one has read and turning it into a 2300 page bill that no one will read. And we're expected to call this progress?

The so-called government reform is meant to cut back on medical procedures in the interest of saving money. People are no longer patients, they are numbers. They are statistics. And statistics don't matter if you are an individual who is going to make up one of these statistics. Second opinions will become a thing of the past. This diagnosis and poor treatment will be handled by the trial lawyers. The trial lawyers will be the ones benefiting from this. Until toward reform is part of this-which it won't be-that is going to be the new norm. If you become ill, be sure and tell your next of kin so that they can get a trial lawyer. That is the new direction of medicine in America.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are on a rampage to demonize the insurance companies. They come Monday after day toting that the insurance companies are the most selfish companies in America. They make the most obscene profits in the history of the world according to the Democrats. Apparently the Democrats have already forgotten about the oil companies. Yet the Democrats believe that if they repeat these lies again and again, people will believe them. But Democrats are taking polls that will skew the numbers to help their cause. It will help their own self-interest. This used to be about ensuring the uninsured. What is it about now?

The original intention was to get the uninsured insured so that they would not be going to the emergency room and having their medical coverage paid for by citizens who were responsible enough to have their own insurance. Even if it comes from an employer. Now we are supposed to subsidize the insurance policies of the people who can't afford it? Where does the savings come in? The Democrats think so little of the citizens of the United States that they feel an obligation to lie to them on a daily basis. Apparently the citizens are so stupid they can't remember one day to the next. So the left wing media and members of Congress come out and regurgitate their lies day after day. Well tomorrow's another day and that means the same lies from Congress. Is it any wonder that confidence in Congress and his health-care reform is at an all-time low?

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