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I cannot figure Liberals out. The Liberals spend money they don't have and take money that somebody else earns and spend that too. Even in these bad economic times, when people in the private sector have to forgo raises, contemplate salary cuts, and deal with tax increases at every level of government. That's if they're fortunate enough to keep their job continuously. But governments don't seem to care.

The tax-and-spend liberals use the same tactics at the local level that are being used to wear down tax-free can opposition at the federal level. At the recent school board annual meeting in Brown Deer, the attendees had to sit in uncomfortable chairs, and a hot gymnasium, only to be entertained by a bunch of boring speakers giving presentations void of useful content. The predictable aphorisms were present. "Children are the future." "We're preparing children for the 21st century." "The children will be able to compete in today's world." One of the children best get the janitor, I was about to get sick. I'm surprised they had the pledge of allegiance and not started with "Mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama. His TelePrompTer said today, higher taxes we must pay. Mmm, mmm, mmm.

Then came the comments. If you were against the tax increase, there were microphone problems. I found it odd that the microphone only went in and out and gave feedback when someone was at the center against a property tax increase. If you were for the tax increase, he spoke from the heart and there just seem to be some extra warmth in the room. Yes there was extra warmth, but only from a hot air from these bogus heartwarming stories that also had no point.

Next was the vote. Counting the vote was an odd procedure. Unless you are a tax-and-spend liberal, then it all made sense. Ballots were handed out, if the vote was taken visually. Those voting for the increase were counted first. Then the nay votes were counted. Or so we thought. I won't suggest there was fraud, but the vote counting stopped when the proposal was two votes short of failing. That was it -- the vote was over the tax-and-spend Liberals had won. They cheered their victory.

So why were being handed paper ballots? Wouldn't you think that a vote that close would warrant a recount? Well, then I thought yes -- but only if the tax-and-spend liberals were on the short end of the ballots. That according to the meeting chairperson, Margaret Jaberg, was Robert's rules of order. I guess Robert was related to Nancy Pelosi.

After some needed discussion, the written ballots were marked and taken. Oddly enough, the margin of victory was still two votes. Yes, taxes will still go up. The tax-and-spend liberals would have continued their meeting until they got some sort of tax increase.

So why do tax and spend liberals only pay the minimum amount of tax? If they want taxes to go up, why do they only pay the minimum while forcing others to pay more also? The selfish interest of tax-and-spend liberals has to trump the interests of other citizens. You will earn the money, the tax-and-spend liberals take it. Private citizens are not able to do with their own money what they would like to do. If they want to do to charitable work, make donations to 501(c)(3) organizations of their choice, they will have less money to do so because the tax-and-spend liberals have forced their agenda on everyone. If you don't want to contribute-too bad, it's for the children. If you lose your job-too bad, it's for the children. When citizens suggested that we all should be driving 10-year-old cars so we can fork over money for the children. The tax-and-spend liberals are only interested in their own selfish ideas. What lesson is that for the children?

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