Bad News for Obama

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24 hour news channels have only been around for about 29 years. In that period of time, only about five presidents have been affected. Of course as time goes on, the later presidents have dealt with the 24-hour news channels more than the early ones. Not all have existed for the entire 29 years. But now, we're seeing something different. A United States president and his administration are now propagandizing themselves with their agenda to target one news organization -- Fox news.

During last year's campaign, one would practically get sick bed watching news organizations such as NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and others where they are just falling all over themselves as if they are in a contest to see who can give more favorable press to Barack Obama. Do people actually expect objectivity in news reporting from talking heads who claim on the air that they get a tingling feeling up their leg every time they hear Barack Obama speak? I guess MSNBC wins the award for who can be the most biased. CNN actually believes that their ratings are so low because they do not have the opinion talkers of other news organizations. Their ratings are low because they suck.

The NFL comes out Rush Limbaugh from any chance of being associated with the NFL because of his opinions. Yet on NBC, Keith Olbermann can spew hatred towards conservatives on his low rated program during the week and expect to be"one of the guys"on Sunday. Olbermann is just as repulsively on Sundays.

Although Fox news Channel has its share of conservative opinion made it program hosts, they do have news programs where news is actually reported. Fox news Channel has the closest thing to journalists on television news. So why is the Obama administration trying to blackball them? One has to wonder.

White House communications director Anita Dunn has newly discovered tapes where she is breaking up on how well the Obama campaign has controlled the news media. Except for Fox, they were happiest when the news organizations are reporting only what Obama said. Not why he was saying it. Why don't they want people to ask questions? Knowing why something is done is even more important than doing it. The Obama administration is treating Americans like children. They are treating Americans as stupid children. If we don't raise questions on why our country is being steered towards socialism and communism, we certainly will be worse off for it. Haven't we dumbed down America far enough?

This certainly proves how insecure the president and his administration are. America had better wake up and start asking some questions. Whatever happened to the old saying in the 70s,"Question authority"? We better stop getting our news from the Daily Show and Jay Leno. The time is now to find out what the agenda of the administration really is. It is not good and it is not good for America.

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