Obama and 'The Prize'

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Even the close supporters of President Barack Obama will acknowledge that the president did little if anything to actually earn the Nobel Peace Prize. A century ago when Theodore Roosevelt or Woodrow Wilson were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, it was because they had put effort into ending a war or bringing peace to the world without achieving world peace.

Woodrow Wilson was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in organizing the League of Nations. He toured the nation promoting his cause urging citizens to persuade their senator to ratify the treaty creating the League of Nations. He exhausted himself so much that it caused a debilitating stroke which left him paralyzed for the rest of his life. Had there been a 25th amendment to the Constitution at the time, Wilson may not have served out his second term. Yet the Senate did not ratify it. Has Obama even come close to doing something like this?

In recent years, the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to terrorists such as Yasir Arafat. It has been awarded to former Vice President Al Gore for his movie An Inconvenient Truth. The so-called science in that movie has been called in question and today can certainly not be regarded as gospel which some lefties still do. Has the Nobel Peace Prize lost its luster?

The qualifications this year seemed to be not being George W. Bush. The Nobel prize organization has even admitted, in some reports, that giving it to President Obama is not based on his actual accomplishments, but because of what they believe he may do in the future. It was because he gave a great speech last year in Europe. In the United States, we elected Barack Obama not based on any accomplishments, but because what we hope he will do in the future. He gives great speeches. But, Obama is not accountable to the Nobel prize committee in the same way he is accountable to the citizens of the United States. The Nobel Prize committee has made their decision. And whether or not we believe it to be correct or not, it really won't matter in the long run. Obama will accept the prize along with the money that comes with it. Oddly enough, he's going to donate it to charity. I thought he would donate it to the federal government and have it earmarked for health care reform. Wouldn't that be more consistent with his agenda?

Yes, it is ironic that this "man of peace"now has to decide how to fight a war in a foreign land. He campaigned that Iraq was the wrong war and Afghanistan is the right war. It is the necessary war. But Obama wants to take a week or so to rethink his strategy. This from the same president who wants us to pass health care reform which will shake up 1/6 of the American economy in one week. Well, as the stimulus money gets spent, as health-care reform bills advance, as unemployment climbs, Obama will be judged on these accomplishments or the lack thereof. He and the Democrats will be held accountable. There will be no E. for effort. 300 million Americans are dependent on positive outcomes whatever they may be.

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