Critics From the Left

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After almost 2 years of continuous praise from the media, president of Barack Obama is now facing some pushback. With almost constant unrelenting acclaim of how great Obama was going to be and what a great information America was going to experience to the point of being sickening to anyone who looks at things objectively, the enthusiasm is starting to wane.

Saturday Night Live opened with the skit taking some jabs at how little Obama has actually accomplished in his first nine months. And this is the time when he will have as much influence to push through his programs and political agenda. If things don't get done now, it will only get more difficult than the next three years. This seems strange coming from NBC was traditionally been his staunchest supporter. But, I'm not crazy enough to think that objectivity will come from Olbermann or Maddow. I'm sure Chris Matthews is still experiencing some tingling.

The Democrats in Congress are loosening their lockstep also. A big surprise came from Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold. He gave some criticism to President Obama over the use of the so-called 'czars.'Things are becoming so out of hand that even a big liberal like Feingold is realizing that these czars are not good for America and not good for the government. The federal government should be bloated enough with the cabinet, councils, and other committees to put in a bunch of people who will be advising the president. That's why it's in the Constitution. But by bringing in all of these extra advisers, the president is bypassing the balance of powers by having people who do not have to be confirmed by the Senate and will have as much or more influence than the cabinet.

It is high time that people have taken a step back and look to see what is actually going on in America. These presidential advisors a.k.a. czars, have radical backgrounds and make people like Bill Ayres and Reverend Jeremiah Wright look middle-of-the-road. These advisers have a stealth plan that is trying to transform America into a communist state. Tapes are being uncovered on weekly basis of these advisers who are lecturing their plans to dismantle capitalism in America. If the tax increases and further government expansion are at least slow down, perhaps the economy can finally recover and America will be happy to have capitalism again. Perhaps this is to the detriment of the administration and his advisers. The more economic turmoil we experience in America, the faster we will turn to communism.

Now the administration does not want to waste a good crisis. They have said that. But Mark phrases that can be sustained or created, the better it will be for them to push their socialist and communist agenda on the people of America. Who would've thought just a few short years ago that America would be taking this turn? But that the size of the growth of government. Look at the growth in the size of the deficit. The United States government owns most of General Motors.

Yes, it is refreshing to see that Russ Feingold is finally asking some questions of the administration on the Senate floor. Will this lead to something that will actually be beneficial for the state of Wisconsin? Well, no one is going to be that hopeful. But Feingold is finally showing that he has a pair. Something Herb Kohl has yet to do.

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