Responsible Leadership . . . FINALLY!!

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It is becoming increasingly rare to actually see some responsible leadership from an elected official. However, we are seeing it again from Milwaukee County executive Scott Walker. And of course, the critics are out to cast stone's at the glass House of fiscal responsibility.

Scott Walker was elected six years ago to clean up the mouse created by Tom Ament and a host of county supervisors who selfishly only voted for their own interests. They voted themselves a huge retirement payouts and large pensions to be footed by the taxpayer of the county. Then they were all surprised when they lost recall elections. They not only should have been thrown out of office, they should be made to forfeit their ill-gotten gain.

Scott Walker is one of the few politicians who year after year can and does propose a budget with zero tax increase. These responsible budgets come in spite of the huge payouts that have been paid to former county workers. Even when receiving these outrageous sums of money tacked onto their pensions, many former county employees move to other parts of the country. Why? It is because the taxes are too high here. Yes, the taxes are too high because they now have to pay out these pensions and backdrops because of the irresponsibility of members of the county board 10 years ago.

The tax-and-spend liberals criticize God Walker for cutting services. Well, when the entitlements have to go to the pensions, that's the only thing that can be cut. Elected idiots like Lee Holloway criticized Scott Walker because he wants to tax-and-spend and the Santa Claus to the other members of the county board. As county supervisors take vacation trips courtesy of the taxpayer, Lee Holloway does not question any intent or result. Holloway even wants to get rid of the county executive office. Is there an ulterior motive here? Perhaps Holloway thinks with Walker gone, or any other county executive not being elected, that he would be the top executive in Milwaukee County. Then look out. There will be no fiscal accountability.

The critics of Scott Walker believe they are taking a good potshot when they say that his budgets that are being proposed are done such to further his political career. What's wrong with that? If being responsible with government money is a way to further your political career, I would welcome any politician who will follow suit. After eight years of Jim Doyle, the state of Wisconsin needs a school responsibility like that of Scott Walker. The downside of this is of course, will there be someone at the county executive level who will continue balancing budgets? The short answer is, yes-but only with huge tax increases. Property tax increases, sales tax increases, the taxpaying homeowner is certainly destined to lose.

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