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Here's the run-down of the October 5th Trustee Meeting:

  • Former WFB Trustee, current Milwaukee County Supervisor Joe Rice gave us a County Budget update.  To summarize: It's gone to hell in a handbasket.  It's a little premature to discuss, since County Exec Scott Walker just created Budget 1.0, and we've seen this movie before.  The County Supervisors will severely alter the budget in the next month.
  • Also former WFB Trustee John Kearns dropped by to give an update on the Armory Park Memorial project

    The project has raised enough money to put shovels in the ground, and will complete significant parts before the ground freezes.

    Funds are still needed for example, for water access, to allow gardens .. so take a moment and consider a donation.  Click here for their donation form.
  • We approved a contract for study of a Lake Drive Traffic Calming / Pedestrian Enhancement project.  The project will look at Lake Drive in its entirety as it runs through WFB, and suggest enhancements.  However -- since Lake is State trunk Highway 32, there are a number of typical traffic calming features that might not be approved by the State DOT.
  • We were presented with 3 bids to tear down the Klode Park play structure and replace it with something from the same company that manufactured the Cahill structure.   The reason for this change is to comply with ADA regulations to make playgrounds more handicapped accessible.  -- Most of the funds for this comes from CDBG grants.

    However.   A number of Trustees, myself included, were hoping for a better option, whereby the playground would be added to, instead of replaced.  The current structure is less than 15 years old, and was donated by many generous families, as memorial plaques attest.   It would be a shame if we tore it all down, and I assume some or all who donated would be displeased.

    One aspect of the new playground is that the wood chips would be removed, to be replaced by rubber mats, which are more wheelchair friendly.  This complicates the possibility of keeping the old structure, since significant ground prep is needed to install the mats.

    In the end, the project was tabled, and we'll give Village staff a week to rethink, and hopefully propose something with a middle ground.  (Villager thoughts?)
  • We spent several hours combing through the Village's Comprehensive PlanTake a look at it, it's quite impressive, documenting WFB's characteristics, yielding recommendations for the future.  Public input for the plan has been ongoing, and a Public Hearing is scheduled in two weeks.

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