*While watching the Packers-Vikings game and reading-viewing after-game accounts, I am amazed at how much was made of Brett Favre's great game and how little was made of Aaron Rodgers miraculous game.  Yes, Favre is an all-time great quarterback and he had a very good game.  But Favre was not sacked or even touched during the entire game.  Any NFL quarterback would have a good game under those conditions, and Favre has the best running back in the League in his backfield.

Rodgers, on the other hand, was sacked over and over, rushed over and over, and his offensive line as like a sieve.  Yet Rodgers kept the game close, and few, if any other NFL quarterbacks would have had that marvelous game under those conditions in a hostile enviroment.

*The military facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba still houses 223 detainees.  These detainees are all labeled terrorists, but how do we know that?  Some have already been released from Gitmo and their detainment was probably a mistake.  But these men there are held outside U.S. law, and that alone is an embarrassment.  It is a historical black mark on the U.S.

These detainees should be brought to U.S. soil and put in touch with U.S. law.  We already hold extremely dangerous prisoners in our prisons here: Charles Manson, the "Son of Sam" murderer, the World Trade Center bombers, Timothy McVeigh, the Kenyan Embassy bombers, etc.

*The highly respected Robert Wood Johnson Foundation reports that if no health care reform is passed soon, the uninsured in Wisconsin will be 738,000 people, and health care spending for the average Wisconsin resident will rise 66%.

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