Health insurance?



For they shall inherit the earth.” Where do they fit in? Do they believe that greed is good?


Are those who were living at minimal wage and now without jobs the meek? Can they afford new Fords to stimulate the economy or even bus fare?


Is it a satisfying life for the meek to live without health insurance while waiting to inherit the earth? Should they be concerned with deficit spending policies or the national budget? How do they vote on the issues?


Are politicians among the meek? What is health insurance? Does it insure health? Does a family subscribing to health insurance get more from being a member than a family without membership? Why is that?


Where does the extra money to pay for health care come from? Who pays the difference? Those who do not need health care? Is health care really necessary or is it merely a gamble?


How does health care insurance produce a profit while the meek are standing in the line waiting to see a doctor or a heath care giver who is giving of her time for charity?


Is charity for the meek or do the greedy get some too? Some one at lunch said, “no, only the meek are the blessed.”


Lunch? During the great depression only the meek stood in the lunch lines. Blessed are the poor.


Washington politicians are neither meek nor poor.


Many of them are sharing some of the profits gained from the operation of health insurance companies. The insurance lobbyists provide excellent lunches. This must of course be accepted as a pre-existing condition of today's democracy.


How else could politicians run for office? Again the question, who do they represent after being elected? The people? My previous posting asked who are the people?


The underlying question, “what's it all about Alfie.”

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