IOC: That Bunch of Racists

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One day after Jimmy Carter turned 85 years old, he gets another example of how racism is turning the Obama presidency into a series of bad luck events.

Barack Obama thought he had a slam dunk. He could take a day or two out of his busy schedule, take Air Force One to Denmark for a one-hour meeting, this also takes a hiatus from global warming responsibilities, and deliver a personal speech to the IOC. In that speech, again he enumerated what a poor country the United States has become over the past few years but his good deeds as a good deed doer will turn things around and have Chicago make America proud again as an endcap on his presidency. It all seems so simple. No room for errors.

Michelle Obama had gone there a few days before with Oprah Winfrey. Those two together would put a smile on every face in Scandinavia. The mainstream media have even reported on how Michelle Obama was selling Chicago as the best place to hold the 2016 Olympics. Chicago is a friendly city. The people there are great. There isn't a battle in the whole bunch. People help one another. If you are in trouble, the Chicago citizens will run to your aid. Except for that video that came out a few days ago about a citizen getting his brains bashed in with a railroad tie. The person making the videotape was more interested in getting the film on YouTube instead of helping. Let's blame the conservatives instead.

Is the Obama charm wearing thin? Is this a wake-up call to the bad policies that have been put in place over the last nine months? How much longer can we blame George Bush?

Last month Vice President Joe Biden was happier than someone going through a screen door on somebody else's push. He was so proud of how successful the stimulus package was working. But unemployment climbed again. So is it working or not? It clearly is not.

Now is the time, now is the moment to realize that coming in at the last minute and just a liver in a speech is not going to make change for the better in America. Unfortunately, this does not mean that the Democrats are going to give up their quest for ruining the economy of the United States before it recovers. They will still be determined to pass government takeover of health care, cap and tax, and other legislation which will stop the economic recovery as it begins, if it begins. According to their own predictions, the administration is predicting an increase in unemployment for next year. This of course means he wrote some of the tax base, with more people needing government assistance. When will the time come, when will the moment come to actually face these issues and work toward solutions intelligently? Yes, the American people are finally waking up. If we act in time, America camera turned to prosperity before there is too much done that cannot be reversed.

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