Who are "the people?"

The people.


Today I saw the first yard sign for a candidate running for office in Whitefish Bay.


So its election time again. I'm also reminded of the election in Afghanistan. Most importantly that election didn't seem to give off any sentiments of democracy. 'Makes us wonder what it's all about. Some national elections in this country recently didn't seem of democratic sentiment either.


The bottom line is that elections do not always symbolize democracy. We have had dictators claim election by 95% or more.


What does government by election really mean? Does it mean that the people decided on the individuals who would rule them? I've heard that expression, the people quite a lot lately and wonder what is meant by the people?


Here in our north shore communities we have situations where leaders were appointed and then ran for office without opposition and where elected. Do these processes provide us representative government? Were these officials elected by the people? And by which people?


Democracy, it seems calls for more than an election process. It requires a strong democratic sentiment.

Elections are only one element. The process is also important. The way those elected represent the people of that jurisdiction is also important.


Some of the elected officials in Congress forget who the people really are. Are they the corporations who contribute to their campaigns or are they the people whom they represent?


I think that we should all study democracy a bit more, in the interest of the people. 

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