The Empire Strikes Out

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The Empire State building in New York City is aglow in red lights to honor the Communists in China. From 1949 to 2008 such recognition in the United States of America would've seemed unbelievable. What has happened? Has political correctness taken us to honor communism? Or is this a trial balloon for the direction of America?

The lefties in America explain this away as the fulfillment of the promise made last November. The presidential election was about change. What kind of change? The shift to government takeover of all aspects of our lives was more than we bargained for. It is more than we hoped for. The economic recession has spurred communism as an ideology that is right for America according to the left. We see it in the stimulus bill. We will see it in a health care bill. We will see it in a Cap and Trade bill. And this is just the first year.

The promise of bipartisanship is clearly unfulfilled. The country is now more polarized than it was during the Bush administration when it was believed that the polarization was beyond belief. The health care bill is unbelievable. Of course, the blame for the disarray of a bill that is all things to everyone is being blamed on the Republicans. If the Democrats cannot agree whether or not there'll be a public option. One day there will be one, the next day there won't. Does Obama have a plan? Or is he leaving it entirely up to the Congress to write something responsible? Does the president need to work towards passage or is he confident enough that he can take a jaunt to Denmark? Of course the Obama expectation is simple -- pass anything. Any sort of health care bill will do. Whether it does next to nothing or if the government takes over everything does not matter, it will be interpreted as a political victory for the president.

Health care reform is not about insuring the uninsured, it is about a political victory for Obama and the Democrats. Pre-existing conditions do not matter, it's all about the Democrats. If they were serious about true reform now, the bill would go into effect long before the year 2013. How many lives would have been lost that will no longer make it into the political speak that is being portrayed by the Democrats nowadays?

Why won't the Democrats publish their bill on the Internet so others can read it? Their excuse is it's too hard. But it's not too hard to put additional taxes on families who can't afford them. It's not too hard to pass a carbon emissions will that will quell any recovery that may be underway. The Obama administration wants to destroy capitalism as we know it. If they believe a public option is going to make insurance companies honest and competitive. How can it be competitive when we want to take away the incentive to win? How can we have a competition when everyone is supposed to end in a tie?

In the recent UN conference, Obama received plenty of praise. He lapped it up like a thirsty dog. The praise came from Libya dictator Qaddafi and Venezuela dictator Chavez. What does this tell us about what others think of President Obama? It does not speak to America's strength.

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