It's important to us.

Plans important to citizens



The windows of the former Shorewood bookstore of Oakland Avenue were shiny clean when I drove past the other day.


Crisp freshly designed placards gave appearance of a revitalized bookstore. This new appearance seemed to reaffirm that this is the best place for a bookstore in Shorewood.


Roundy's should be congratulated for giving temporary use of this space as should all of those who have worked so hard at getting a co-op bookstore started.


Let's hope that both Village Hall and Roundy's keep in mind the importance of this bookstore and what seems its appropriate location there when making plans for redeveloping this block on Oakland.


Roundy's is the most dominate business outlet in Shorewood and therefore they and Village Hall have a responsibility to the citizens of Shorewood to create one of the most interesting blocks in Shorewood's commercial area. BID (Shorewood's Business Improvement District) knows this and we assume they shall also be keeping an eye on this.


The bookstore and Walgreen's along with Pick-N-Save should be prominent elements of this block. And an imaginative approach should be taken in providing parking for this block. The Planning Commission should give publicity to these plans as they develop.


Incidentally, we should be seeing the preliminaries on the type of businesses to be attracted to Shorewood. Let's make these public as soon as the consultants provide them. Citizens may be interested.


'Should be about time, Village Hall. Let's hear about dates for presentation and discussion. No closed door stuff.


And let's not keep plans secret as they develop for the Pick-N-Save block.


I think that this block and what happens in our commercial district is important to the citizens of Shorewood.

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