Obama to Bring World Peace

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The schoolchildren are finally learning a new song to sing the praises of the accomplishments of the current occupant of the White House. One has to ask, why did it take so long? The children had to wait eight months to learn a new song that praises equal pay for equal work. Why are the schoolchildren being forced to sing about equal pay? Should they just be singing about equality of outcome?

When I was a boy in grade school, we saying about how George Washington chopped down the cherry tree. Was not too much of an accomplishment, and on top of that George Washington had been dead for over 150 years. When I was a boy in grade school, we saying about how Abraham Lincoln never told a lie. The sad thing about this is that it was included in the same song as the George Washington incident. We did not have enough verse to complete a song about one president. Thank goodness times have changed.

Doing my part to help indoctrinate the young stars of the land, it is only fair that I include the Hope poster that inspired many a popular voter to compel the electoral voter to cast their vote for Barack Hussein Obama. Oh my, some one has covered up the word Hope with another. The little scamp. It was just over a year ago when our Secretary of State for President Obama would chastise candidate Obama by using the first middle and last name. It was just like a mother scolding her son. Now she reports to him.

If we indoctrinate the youth of today and expand that to be worldwide, the children will have the "let's all just get along"mindset that will bring world peace in as little as one generation. Isn't that how it works?

Between the United Nations general counsel which met earlier this week in the G-20 Summit which immediately followed, we would have to think that President Obama is already thinking past the presidency in believing that his rhetoric, his catchphrases, his sound bites on TV appearances is enough to get everyone to act. Now is the time. In this moment. We must act now and act quickly. Don't we all want to just get along? Why all this fussing and fighting and nuclear weapons and the world? Golly, we have other things to worry about what global warming. There was a recent report saying that in 50 years the climate of Wisconsin will be like that of Missouri. I was telling this to my neighbor, Carl, telling him that nobody lives on Missouri. The surface of Missouri is way too hot. Then Carl told me Missouri is one of the United States. It was not the closest planet to the sun. Never mind.

Can we make the world a better place through catchphrases? Yes we can. It's the real thing. Drive one. Let's build something together. When the moment is right. We report, you decide. Tricks are for kids. So call now or go online. This is a limited time offer. What's the best tuna? When you bring out the Hellmann's, you bring out the best. Everything was writing on your tires. Where do you want to go today? I'm Lovin' it.

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