The New Cost of Heath Care

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The Democrats have come up with a new health care bill that is going to provide government takeover of the health care system for a reduced price that was once around $1 trillion and has now been reduced to the low, low price of $856 billion. This new plan does not include a public option. Two weeks ago, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid vowed publicly that they would not support any of their reform bill that did not include a public option. Why the change?

The Congressional Budget Office did an analysis of the healthcare bill being proposed and concluded that it would be adding to the deficit over the ten-year period. After a meeting at the White House, the CBO came back and concluded that the health care reform bill would not add to the deficit. How did this change come about? The American people are not going to get a plausible answer.

With the healthcare plan does, is collect 10 years of taxes and provide six or seven years of services. So what happens long-term? We can only wonder. The cash for clunkers program is another run program that was supposed to run from July until November with $1 billion, or until the money ran out. It lasted four days. Even when the appropriation was tripled, the program ran about one month. So if the government cannot estimate and provide enough coverage for a small program like this, how are we supposed to trust them with the entire health care system?

The American people are coming out and saying that we should not disrupt the entire health care system in order to provide coverage for a smaller percentage of Americans who are currently not covered. Congress is not listening. How were we supposed to conclude that coverage will be greater, more people will have insurance, and it will be run more efficiently without an increase in the number of doctors or facilities? It does not make sense.

The Democrats have long accused Republicans of being the party of special interests. Yet the Democrats are forming a bill to appease at least two special interest groups: labor unions and trial lawyers. President Obama offered a red herring to the American people by saying that he is open to tort reform. Does anyone remember when candidate Obama decided he was open to limited offshore drilling? How much oil was added to domestic production as a result of this promise?

The Democrats are determined to score a political victory by passing healthcare reform by the end of the year. It does not matter to some what kind of reform is being passed as long as something is passed so that they can happily hang their hat on a reform bill for the 2010 elections. The bad news is, in a tape of reform will not go into effect until after the 2012 elections. The Democrats are hoping that all of this can be put in place before a new Congress is seated and gridlock will again be the norm.

Recent polls over the past few months show that the majority of American citizens do not want the type of health care that is now being proposed in Congress. We'll have representatives in Washington listen to their constituents or will they pass a bill that will screw up the health system for everyone in America except the members of Congress? If you were in Congress, how would you vote?

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