Jimmy Carter Becomes Even More Irrelevant

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Jimmy Carter was elected president in 1976 as a result of the country becoming fed up and disgusted with the Republicans because of Watergate in the pardon of Richard Nixon. It was a Washington outsider and was swept into office with a close vote total and high expectations. He became a mediocre president with marginal effectiveness. His campaign created what was called the misery index. It added up the inflation rate and the unemployment rate. He campaigned on the notion that if someone had a misery index greater than 10%, they should not be president. When Carter left office in 1980, his very own misery index was about 20%.

Carter gave a speech to the American people on why we shouldn't be using less energy as a country. He practically scolded the American people for what they were doing. This was called his "malaise speech." Carter quit wearing a suit every day and was often seen wearing sweaters and less formal attire. It was a distraction for people who want our president to look presidential. This of course did not help them either.

After Carter left office, he began doing public work with charities like habitat for humanity and even did some diplomatic work during the Clinton administration. He wrote several books and soon earned the title, "our greatest ex-president."He has now warned that title out.

Carter won praise for his speech last week from fellow Democrats. Some Democrats are on the same page as Carter. They are wearing themselves out arguing for the Socialist programs being forced through Congress. However, they do not see them as wrong or ineffective and cannot understand why people are giving them their due criticism. So when all else fails, the traders shut down their arguments by playing the race card. They have no other arguments to offer.

The Republicans and Independents who are questioning the plans of action in the course of action already taken by the Obama administration and are criticizing the policies. There is so much to criticize in terms of policy that race does not even come into the picture. Apparently the Democrats want all of America to roll over and let the Democrats and their socialist programs and socialist propaganda become the new America. They expect Americans to say, "I am not a racist, so let the government take over healthcare. I am not a racist, so let's pass Cap and Trade in triple our electric rates. I am not a racist, so let's tax Coca-Cola and chocolate milk." The list could go on.

Jimmy Carter's comments will only inflame the left. It is meant to distract us from the policies and plans that the ministry should and Congress are trying to shove down our throat. If the ministrations in Congress or to listen to the American people, they would know that the people they promised a lot to our now being shortchanged by an out-of-control government and a tax system only determined to get larger. All of these programs are being forced on us at breakneck speed because they know that as people find out more about what is being forced upon us, it is becoming less popular. Ruining America cannot wait for them because as time goes by and people find out more about what their agenda really is, we want it changed back.

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