Touch the horizon.

Touching the horizon.



Purple sky at the horizon in Shorewood. Sun peeking out almost directly in the East. Fall arrives on Tuesday. We are not at war with Iran. Peaceful Saturday morning in Shorewood.


Can't we begin buying oil from Iran. Isn't their oil as good as Arabic oil? Let's entertain some Iranians next weekend. Most of them are beautiful, unlike their leader. Maybe a more beautiful leader next time.


Paying some respect to people of this ancient civilization and buying their oil might be cheaper than a war like the one in Iraq. By the way, I agree with conservative George Will, let's bring the boys and girls back home again. Wouldn't that be nice.


Let's do that with Afghanistan too. Who'd want to live there, if they had somewhere else to live? How did they get to that god-forsaken place? By the way, I forgot, why we are there? Does anyone remember?


Someone said it's a good war. What is a good war? I fought in what was called a good war. It was that good war that killed some of my buddies too. Here, a few more tears for you guys after all these years.

Purple sky now turned blue in Shorewood. If it is true that we shall have a reunion in that blue, then it is worth looking forward to. Until then, I'll keep looking at that horizon in peaceful Shorewood. It seems that it's close enough to reach out and touch.

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