Wasted and Abused

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There are some things that keep bothering me in some of speeches that President Barack Obama presents regarding his health care plan. But the mainstream media does not cover them. Cable news does not cover them. So how am I supposed to expect answers to the questions that I have? No one will ask them for me. No one will answer them for me.

When it comes to paying for this new health care plan, where will the money be coming from? The administration seems to be leading us to believe that they will not come from deficit spending. The administration also seems to be leading us to believe that they will not come from increased taxes. Well, not taxes on the middle class but just new taxes on the wealthy. That seems to be demanding a lot from a small number of people, but because I won't be one of them, it does not bother me. But, the administration also says that at least half of the money will come from cutting waste and inefficiencies, fraud and abuse from Medicare. Was there that much waste and abuse in Medicare? If there is, why do we need a bill that will overhaul the entire system in order to target this waste and abuse?

Democrats have shown that they like waste and abuse. If we take a look at Wisconsin, there are many social programs that have been expanded by the Democrats that have been the subject and source of waste and abuse. Just take a look at the childcare programs in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Shares has produced more millionaires than the lottery. And like the lottery, the odds of being caught, prosecuted, and made to pay restitution are about 80 million to one. If we cut the waste and abuse in this program, we could balance the budget in the current biennium. Even smokers could get a break. There is that much of abuse.

Another question I have, is if we so urgently need health care reform in this country, why are we waiting until 2013 to put reform into action when they are being asked to bring him a bill through Congress by the end of the month? This reform bill will be so inefficient, taxes have to be collected for two years to fend off fear that health care reform will add much more to the federal debt much quicker.

Why does President Obama continued to accuse Republicans of using scare tactics to kill the reform Bill? It is the facts of the bill that are scaring the American people. Yet it is President Obama who continues to be the fear monger by stating that if we do nothing things will be much worse. Well, we cannot quantify things that do not happen. How will we know if he's right?

President Obama also claims to be a partisan. Yet the changes in the bill, if any, are not winning over many fans. So in the end, the Democrats alone are going to force this bill upon the American citizens who over the summer have stated their disdain for the health care reform being presented in Congress. It's too bad the representatives are not listening to the people who they claim to be representing. It's no wonder that America's best days are now behind us.

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