That's some socialsim.

What is Socialism/



It has probably become just as obvious to others that we are NOT going to get an organized health system in this country, especially NOT one modeled after the likes of Sweden, France and Germany and even Canada.


We are going to get a type of reversed-type bail-out for the insurance companies. That is, we are going to find a way so that insurance corporations can make more profit from people who are sick or who need treatment.


The poor can not afford health insurance, a money process that requires a regularity of payment when they cannot even provide food for themselves on a regular basis.


If this is socialism, then it's a new name for capitalism. It seems that Americans are more afraid of openly run government operations than they are of obscure for-profit corporate systems.


At least we can call the government, if it does not operate in the interest of the public but who overviews greedy corporate interests?


Sweden inherited the church-run hospitals and clinics from the Catholic church when the Swedish church turned Lutheran and in the interest of religious charity these are still operated today based in those same Christian interests, not sickness for profit.


Here in this country where we claim to be more religious than those European agnostics, we've learned how to make money from the most miserable, the sick and the feeble. Blessed are the poor.


That's some socialism. Where is the socialism in any of the president's health care proposals?


Perhaps it's in the payments that the government will make to insurance corporations. Those profits and profits of war are the best and most easily acceptable types of socialism for corporations.

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