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In order to forge ahead with the government take over of health care, the Democrats in Congress needed a game changer. Last week's presidential address to a joint session of Congress was not a game changer they were looking for or needed.

Instead we got what we have come to expect from President. Barack Obama. He chose to come out in campaign form and talk about his plan for health care reform. Like a campaigner, he has no plan in writing. Yet he referred to it again and again. This would tend to confuse someone who is looking for concrete details-like most of America. The president I can use his tired slogans and catch phrases geared towards making it on the mainstream media. Apparently it worked for him because again and again they quote a catch phrase calling for an end to bickering.

President Obama also floated out some trial balloons. Among them tort reform. He also eluted at some compromise on the so-called public option. This was a direct peace meant to win over Republicans and center-right moderates. And, like we have come to expect from President Obama, we were persuaded by the eloquence and ability he has to read a speech.

Will will but was lacking from President's speech at the necessary details that Americans have been asking for all summer. We still don't have them. Yet we are being asked to approve of congress' intention of ramming this bill through based on the good faith of an eloquent speech. Americans are being expected to pony up three years worth of taxes before this act of Congress will even go into effect. This is the only way that it cannot produce a deficit in the first five years. According to the Congressional budget office, it will begin producing deficits by the 10th year. What will we do then? Suspend services again to build up enough tax reserve? If no one ever get sick, that idea will work.

Much of the attention of the speech has also been given to the outburst by South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson. I think it is an excellent example of how passionate all sides have become on this issue. If the president wants to cover 47 million a uninsured Americans, this includes those who are here illegally. This gives credence to the claim that the president did not present the facts correctly and in their entirety. In other words, Wilson was right.

With so much at stake here, the personal well-being of 300 million Americans, complete reform cannot be taken lightly. What builds do we have as citizens to examine? Has HR 3200 been  re-written? Has it been corrected? Or are we supposed to be following blindly will whatever it is Congress wants to throw at us? One thing we do know, is that no one in Congress or President Obama will even consider being a participant in the kind of health care plan they are trying to push on the rest of America.

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