What Can I Do To Help the President?

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Once again the liberals and Democrats don't seem to get it. Barack Obama was elected as a candidate of hope. Along with that hope, he promised to bring some bipartisanship. Bipartisanship is yet to be seen. He was supposed to bring people together. The country is becoming more polarized. The country was viewed to be going in the wrong direction and he was to put it in the right direction. What he has brought in the name of change has put us on a worse course.

The president's administration can no longer effectively or honestly refute charges of socialism and communism. In last year's campaign, candidate Obama said he associated with people like Warren Buffett and former Fed chairman Paul Volker on issues of the economy. As president, Barack Obama has brought into his circle of advisers Van Jones who was an admitted communist. Jones recently put out a statement saying that he never held views of communism. Are Americans supposed to believe that? He has since resigned so that's a step in the right direction.

The Obama administration is increasingly relying on so-called czars as presidential advisers. What happened to the constitutional offices such as the cabinet? These czars do not need the approval of the Senate. Now, they don't even want to be called czars. This comes after they thought it was cutesy when they established the 'car czar.' after socializing General Motors and selling Chrysler to an Italian company, the cars czar resigned. Having no authority, the car czar for your to chairman of the board of directors and General Motors. Are we not supposed to view this as socialist takeover?

President Barack Obama has also spent much of his first year in office blaming all the country's ills on the previous administration. No one can recollect another president doing this in recent memory because no other president has done this. After taking six months to decide on the presidential puppy, the American people are supposed to accept huge bills being shoved through Congress, that no one in Congress has read, as being good for America with only six days to decide this. The recovery act was written and voted on in about two days. Six months to decide on the puppy.

The administration fails to recognize that having the schoolchildren write an essay on how they can help the president as propaganda. This sounds like a good idea in 1930s Germany, 1950s China, 1960s Soviet Union, pick a recent decade for North Korea. I'm sure the children would all go home full of inspiration to convince their parents to pay more taxes, give up their freedom, and reelected Democrats. I'm sure the children could easily be convinced that there is not enough regulation in the United States, not enough government control of industries like automobiles and health care, and not enough blind faith so that everyone of differing backgrounds and economic status can all wind up together. If you come from rich or poor backgrounds, the United States government now wants you to all end up at the same level-mediocrity. What an incentive!

So what can I do to help the president? I can blame all the problems on the Republicans. I can urge the Government to take over health care. I can ask to have my taxes raised. I can suggest to my representative to impose oppressive taxes on those companies that produce the energy that I need as a consumer. And most important of all, I can stop thinking independently.

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